Tuesday, May 01, 2007

GreenPrint introduces EverGreen font

GreenPrint, the company based in Portland, OR focused on printing that's more environmentally friendly, has introduced a new font named EverGreen. The promise is to allow more content per printed page by using the new compressed but stylish and readable font, thereby reducing usage of printer paper, ink and toner. What was say, a 10-page report, can now be compressed into an 8-page report.

My results so far? My final draft of my May 2007 Observations column, spanning a page-and-a-third in 12-point single-spaced New Times Roman in Microsoft Word, ran to just two lines over a full page when shifting to EverGreen. I could then reduce it to less than a page by a little margin adjustment. (I should add that I also got to under a page simply by changing to a 10-point version of New Times Roman but I suppose like all things in software there are always multiple approaches to solving a problem, each with their own individual trade-offs.)

I'll be keeping tabs on the success of this product over time, and no doubt dredge up some historical font memories too. One thought that comes to mind is the old HP (NYSE HPQ) LaserJet lineprinter font that we used to use for those Legal-size, landscape monster spreadsheets -- and no, not that was not in Excel, but Lotus 1-2-3! (See Testing 1-2-3, January 2006 Observations.)

Note: The PDF version of the Press Release uses the EverGreen font.


Unknown said...

i saw something several years ago about "green" printing that was very interesting. the combination of using draft mode, recycled paper, recycling your own paper, using off-axis inkjet printers (smaller printers, less power than laser), printing duplex, and using 10 vs 12 pt fonts, resulted in a theoretical reduction in landfill mass of about 80% vs. "normal" office printing over the life of the printer. you may have the source on that claim, but i've never seen any pickup on it. i discussed the concept with an hp representative back then and they had ZERO interest in the topic. no surprise.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the most ironic things I've seen in a while.

Not only does the PDF of the press release NOT use the EverGreen font (that's Helvetica unless mine eyes deceive me), but it includes an extra blank page tacked on for good measure.

March on, faithful stewards of Mother Earth!