Monday, April 30, 2007

Update on Scribd, the "YouTube for Documents"

Just less than two months ago, a I posted about a new Web service called Scribd (again the warning, that's not a typo!). Billed as a YouTube-like service for documents, I couldn't resist giving it a try, being a hands-on type and all. My experimental first upload was a PDF file of a printer data sheet, a printer that I knew was gaining considerable attention in the marketplace. At risk of copyright violation, I felt the vendor that produced the data sheet probably wouldn't object, as any further distribution of what had been a rather hard-to-find document could only help to boost customer knowledge and thus sales of the product (and its companion supplies of course)! So far, so good -- just less than two months into my experiment, the document has been viewed over 100 times! No comments yet though...

I'll hold back on a direct description too, but if you're anything like I am, you'll want to cut-and-paste the following URL into your browser and take a look for yourself, and maybe even wander around at the site a bit after you get there.

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