Friday, April 06, 2007

Printer Pet Peeves

USA Today Personal Tech editor Ed Baig has a piece Thursday entitled "What gets technology users really peeved?", and along with fellow writer Jefferson Graham and the help of their readers, describes technology pet peeves of end users. Printers got off pretty lightly – "no cables in the box" was the only specific area where printers were mentioned. (And while hardly a defense, the exclusion of cables is a long-standing printer industry tradition – LaserJet came cable-less for most of its history beginning in 1984!) In the broader imaging area, cameras’ "shutter lag" delay between push and snap came up and the overall Vista compatibility issues were also included, as we’ve touched on at least in observing printer vendors’ responses to them. Other general complaints? Digital Rights Management (DRM)-related and browser compatibility issues, and (of course) battery life, or more correctly, lack thereof!

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