Wednesday, April 11, 2007

HP's Enterprise Printer Launch

Today HP (NYSE HPQ) rolled out a combination of hardware and software focused at printing in the enterprise. As the industry leader covering a massive swath of imaging and printing territory, HP has taken to bundling related introductions into a single communications package, rather than dribbling out individual announcements one at a time. The star of this show, though, is clearly Edgeline, the inkjet page-wide array technology. (Edgeline was originally previewed by HP last year and featured prominently, including in my blog, during January's Lyra Symposium...see "HP's Shadow").

PC Magazine's veteran printer writer M. David Stone covers the Edgeline printers in "HP Pushes Ink Jet Printing to 70 Pages per Minute" where he brings in comparisons to the March Silverbrook Memjet demonstrations and also recent Xerox (NYSE XRX) solid ink demos that have shown remarkable print speed. Stone recalls a similar Xerox demo roughly ten years ago, which speaks to the time it may take to refine technology from eye-popping demo to product ready to ship.

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