Thursday, April 12, 2007

Edgeline with an Edge

Sorry for that redundancy in the headline, but there's just not another way to put it! A piece at Information Week by Antone Gonsalves titled "New HP Printers Sport 60,000 Nozzles" goes on to take a few shots at HP (NYSE HPQ), starting in the first line of the piece (bold emphasis is my addition):
Hewlett-Packard, which is known for charging a premium for its corporate printers, introduced on Wednesday a couple of high-volume enterprise products with new technology that the company claims reduces the cost of color printing by as much as 30%.

Gonsalves goes on to solicit a little skepticism from an industry analyst (again, my bolding):
Ian Hamilton, analyst for Current Analysis, said he couldn't say whether HP's claims were real. "We're still doing our research," he said. "Typically, HP has not been in the forefront in offering the lowest cost of ownership over the life of their products..."

Hamilton eventually cuts HP a bit of a break:
"If they're able to do that successfully [reduce overall printing cost], then they'll kick out one of the value propositions of their competitors..."

Mike Pervere, HP's Edgeline Product Marketing manager, is also quoted, but his remarks keep to the factual and upbeat!

Generally, in news following the announcement of the HP CM8060 and CM8050 Color MFPs with HP Edgeline Technology, coverage has been rather light, actually -- the Google News Index* comes up with a paltry reading of 4 hits (though a more respectable 41 articles are lumped under the first item.) Maybe after tomorrow's webcast we'll see a surge?

For another view, from a source that knows the business from the customer level, read Corey Smith of Fisher's Document Systems.

BTW I'm adding Corey's blog, From The Innovator's Desk, to my blogroll to the right, for future reference.

*stay tuned for an upcoming post on the Google News Index

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