Friday, April 13, 2007

Edgeline Blogs

Just noting a few interesting blog items re HP's (NYSE HPQ) new Edgeline Printing technology and the CM8060 and CM8050 Color MFPs announced this week.

At the Channel Register blog a post by Eric Doyle, entitled "HP claims latest printer a record-breaker", contains an interesting summary of the announcement, but I highly recommend checking out the comments. Some interesting history!

Rory Reid at Cnet's Crave gadget blog uses some colorful language in his assessment of Edgeline, in "HP EdgeLine CM8060: Super-fast printing". I'm not sure I'd identify the CM8060 as a "gadget" but I guess that's a subjective call. (Thanks for the tip, Tom!)

And Vince Ferraro's LaserJet blog now has company in the official HP blog roll. There's a new Enterprise Printing blog that's just getting started.

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