Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Boomer does Business Cards

Baseball fans might think that Spring Fever has the best of me and I'm posting about baseball pitcher David Wells, but instead I'm staying "on message" and pointing out Yahoo Tech's "Boomer"*, Robin Raskin, and her recent post, "Create Professional-Looking Business Cards". I had originally written "printing your own business cards" but actually that's a bit of a misnomer -- Robin identifies four acceptable ways to go, and only one of them involves using your own printer. She describes the pro's and con's of VistaPrint, Eastman Kodak Company's (NYSE EK) Creative Network, and GreatFX Business Cards, all "out-sourced" methods, and the do-it-yourself method using your desktop printer (inkjet or laser) and special business card stock from Avery. FedEx Kinko's was also mentioned as an option, but in less-than-stellar fashion. Robin concedes the big advantage of home printing -- "If you only print five at a time" -- but I'd amend that advice to printing ten at a time, since that's how the sheets are laid out. BTW if you haven't tried the Avery stock lately (now "cleaved", not "perfed") you owe yourself another look -- they're amazing.

Raskin makes her preference known for the out-sourced model (except for Kinko's) and cites the roll-your-own technique as "a pain" and not a big money-saver either. Sounds like my recent commentary on home photo printing!

*(as in "Baby Boomer")

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