Monday, March 26, 2007

So long Microsoft, hello Boise!

Please indulge me in one last diversion from my usual printing and imaging beat, with this entry from my seminar circuit of last week, especially since it ties in so well to Boise's upcoming Kickstart event coming up April 18th and 19th.

Rich Sloan, from and our 2007 Kickstart keynoter, was joined by his brother Jeff, as they opened the last day of Microsoft's Small Business summit on Friday. The Sloan brothers described their "10 Steps to Start a Business" for the Microsoft seminar attendees. They shared lots of very practical tips that add up to great insight -- and on April 18th Rich is sure to hit on at least a few things that you haven't thought of if you're in the start-up phase of your entrepreneurial endeavors. It was one of the high points of the week, and when Rich visits Boise, he'll have much more time and will put on a great show, guaranteed!

Guy Kawasaki
"kicked off" the Microsoft seminar on Monday, and the Sloans closed it out Friday, so there's some great symmetry with Boise's Kickstart. Just like Guy's Kickstart keynote at the premier event in 2005, Rich Sloan will be offering a memorable event this coming April. Less than four weeks to go, and I can't wait. We'll see you there!

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