Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Review of the HP OJ K5400DN Inkjet Printer

As regular readers know, I've been blogging lots about the HP OfficeJet K5400DN inkjet printer recently. I was motivated to serve my printer-oriented readership with multiple posts when I found that Staples' exclusive arrangement with HP (NYSE HPQ) meant that the product was under-covered in terms of information and reviews, at least relative to what we've become used to in our information-rich environment these days.

So, here's really the first true review that I've found, from the UK Version of PC Magazine. As these things go, pretty positive I'd have to say, with a across-the-board 7.0 (out of 10) score on factors including Service and Support, Design, Features, and Performance. BTW the UK price of £115 converts to $222 USD, or about a 11% premium over the Staples US Price of $199.98.

And proving that we do our best to keep current in this blog, the review is dated March 13, 2007!

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