Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kodak's Blog Fairies?

They seem to visit in the middle of the night, at least Mountain Standard Time's middle of the night. And they don't stay for long -- just enough time to leave a short blog comment promoting Eastman Kodak Company's new inkjet printers, announced just a month ago yesterday. They don't even have time to read the post, apparently. Last week I highlighted a Forbes piece all about Kodak's strategy with their new printers -- and "Cameron" commented, a few days later, that "Kodak is launching a new printer, as part of it's (sic) new strategy, check out".


Anonymous said...

Yep, sometimes we post things that have messpelt words. And to answer the query about us being fairies: yes, we have wings!
Happy printing.

Jim Lyons said...

Wow -- the fairies came again last night. And they've got a sense of humor too!