Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Interesting blog post from LaserJet land

My friend Vince Ferraro is thinking outside the box again over on the LaserJet Blog today. He's found an interesting Internet appliance called the Chumby and is envisioning printing opportunities in the future that might be driven by information coming into us from devices we're not thinking about today. His reference to driving directions brings to mind my post on the same subject from February, and how printing continues to evolve. As time goes along, we end up printing less of some things (when's the last inter-office memo you cranked out?), but print more of things we can't even envision until suddenly they seem to become part of our everyday lives!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

Sorry for using your blog to talk to your friends from HP, but it looks like the only way to reach them. Registering for HP Passport to leave a comment there is next to impossible. My bank requires less security than HP does for a blog comment :-)
I'm not at all surprised their bloggs have no comments.

So, if Mr Ferraro bumps into his fellow blogger David Saffir, can he ask David to post more on water proof ink-jets from HP?
David mentioned one large format printer that can do this in his recent post. What about smaller devices for consumer market?


Jim Lyons said...

Hi Max --

Thanks for your comments and I have alerted my friends at HP both about the commenting difficulty (not the first time they've heard it but every mention helps!) and the idea to follow up with David Saffir's post.

Thanks again,
Jim Lyons

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,
I'm David Saffir, and the likely culprit referred to in this post :)
I'm only a pesky writer and photographer, so I can't speak to the blog admin, but... I can comment on waterfastness of inkjet printers.
As far as I know, the Z3100 is the only medium to wide format printer which uses a gloss enhancer cartridge. And yes, the prints are amazingly durable (although not indestructive).
Hope this helps,

David Saffir

sarabose said...

I'm so thankful I found you!
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