Friday, February 09, 2007

What a week in the printer world!

As if Eastman Kodak's inkjet printer announcement on Tuesday wasn't enough, they followed with a massive (30,000 jobs) layoff story on Thursday (really a clarification of their past estimate of 28,000).

Marketwatch's blog by Herb Greenberg integrates a financial view of the Kodak business situation with their product strategy.

And also this week, vendor/reseller news from within the supplies side of the industry rose up into the general business press.

Mike at Techdirt does his usual great job bringing together a good summary of the supplies discussion in a platform that provokes a range of comments -- 33 at this count. Definitely worth reading! (And remember I used the word "range"!)

And back to the Kodak inkjet printer announcement -- I found this link to public radio's Marketplace (read or listen to the story at American Public Media's Marketplace). Their 2/6 edition features one of my favorite "voices", Kai Ryssdal, and one of my favorite "observers", Lyra's Charley LeCompte.

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And don't forget to out Kodak's site for it at