Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pico-Letter on Kodak

Gary Peterson, an industry colleague who's with research firm Gap Intelligence, has made me aware of his firm's latest "Pico-Letter", their monthly newsletter covering Eastman Kodak Company's entry into the photo inkjet printer market announced earlier this month.

With their somewhat inverted razor-and-blades model (i.e. higher printer prices, lower ink prices), Kodak has fired a shot across the bow of industry leaders like HP (NYSE HPQ), Lexmark, and Epson. Gary's analysis of Kodak's prospects is my kind of work, "combining historical perspective with an eye to the future". Seeing similarities between Kodak's current inkjet intentions and those of other firms, he recalls some good ones -- Xerox and the Blue Dog, Apollo (!) and Dell.

Provocative reading at the Gap Intelligence Pico-Letter!

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