Friday, February 02, 2007

More Demo 2007 Notes

Demo concluded last night with the awards dinner and journalists roundtable. As I've already complained about below (sorry) my schedule didn't allow me to be here for Day One or even the beginning of Day Two, so I had lots of catch-up to do yesterday. And I did indeed find some things of interest for my printer / hard copy beat.

Of course the pure printer play at Demo 2007 this year was Zink. Their coverage continues to grow -- my index of interest is Google News, where a simple search on "Zink" is revealing over hits 400 this morning (it was in the high 300's by yesterday). Here's an example of some of the coverage. They took advantage of the Number Two presenter spot on Day One, as it always seems easier to excite the Demo crowd early, and captured a lot of interest in their customer-pleasing prototypes. I've heard many times that camera phone photo printers will take off when the powers that be (handset makers and carriers) make it easier for users to "get their pictures out of their phones". Zink's solution (though of course they need partners to pull it off) prints cam-phone pix AS A WAY to get photos out of the phone. Fewer steps (and devices) beats more steps and devices every time if you ask me!

A couple of other hard-copy related companies at Demo included Ink2 and SharedBook, which I will include in a Demo roundup when I get back to my office.

Now off to Boise!

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