Friday, February 23, 2007

HP Sets Digital Press Records

HP (NYSE HPQ) is out with a press release today touting the growth in pages printed by their Indigo presses. The company is definitely proud to share data about the growth in "digital impressions" produced on their installed base of Indigo Digital Presses. However, the language and the claims in the release are at best a bit unclear. The headline reads "HP Breaks Record for Annual Page Growth in Digital Printing" but then goes on to claim 1) 10 billion impressions in 2006, 2) one billion impressions in the month of November, and 3) year-over-year impressions growth of 40%. It's not clear to me what the "record for annual page growth" is in reference to. I suppose the 10 billion could be say, roughly three billion (or 40%) more than the seven billion of 2005, which surpassed that year's record of two billion more than the five billion in 2004. So the three billion more is a record, surpassing the past record of two billion. Seems like it would have been safer to just quote the number of pages as a record, and not "annual page growth" as a record. There are similar clarity issues as I read further in the release, but hey, maybe I'm just rambling on a Friday afternoon ...

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