Monday, January 29, 2007

Sponsorship Buddies

I am just leaving Salt Lake City this morning for Palm Springs. I've been attending the Sundance Film Festival, based in Park City, UT, as I've done for many years, in the capacity of a fan of independent film. I'm heading for Palm Springs (Rancho Mirage more specifically) to attend the 10th annual Lyra Imaging Symposium, where I will attend the conference and also be the event's official blogger, right here at

One interesting parallel? Among Sundance's many sponsors, Adobe Systems and HP (NYSE HPQ) are two of five of the highest-level "presenting" variety, along with VW, Entertainment Weekly, and AOL. At the Lyra event, Adobe is the official Event sponsor and HP is among a handful in the top tier of "platinum" sponsors.

Good to see representatives of the Printing and Imaging biz taking such an active role in these important events!

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