Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sea Bass versus Prime Rib?

The first half of the second day of Lyra has just wrapped up. As the conference has settled into its two-day format, this is the block of time that covers a very wide range of subjects, including commercial and industrial printing, and also the very critical supplies areas. It's a mixture of Lyra analysts and industry representatives, with a ringer thrown in the middle, Wall Street analyst Ben Reitzes of UBS, who gave a great presentation entitled "How Does HP Stay on Top? A Financial Analyst Perspective". (NYSE HPQ)

Closing the morning was a redux by a favorite from last year, Linda Boykin of Office Depot. Linda's tremendous presentation skills again brought all of us industry insiders back to the reality of the real world. She revisited her "lady" from last year, and introduced the "consumer" cab driver this year, describing their real user needs and how she and Office Depot do their best to identify and meet them in the printer and supplies areas. As for the title of this post? Linda got us ready for a well-deserved lunch with a story about Prime Rib and Chilean Sea Bass, that actually related to toner and ink!

This conference doesn't have "Demo God" awards (that's the next one), but if we did it would have to include Linda!

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