Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Printers Mentioned in CES Panel Discussion!

It was about ten years ago when I attended my first CES and participated in a panel about printing and imaging. It was weird being in Vegas in January and trying to get over the "if this is Vegas it must be Comdex in November" syndrome. But it didn't seem strange that there would be a printer panel. Now, in 2007, it doesn't seem weird at all to be in Vegas in January (after all, there is no Comdex anymore), but it does seem unusual to have such a hard time even finding printing products. BUT, during yesterday's "SuperSession" hosted by long-time strategic analyst Tim Bajarin, the prospects for printers as part of the future digital home were highly touted by one panelist. And no it was not HP's Satjiv Chahil, but rather Levy Gerzberg of Zoran. Read it all here in Zoran's press release.

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