Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lyra Presentations

With the exception of Ann Priede’s opening presentation and Steve Reynolds’ introduction to the MFP panel, I have so far ignored the Lyra presentations which were sprinkled through the first day of the Symposium, which has just completed.

One of them, in fact, was a lunchtime chat by Lyra founder Charley LeCompte recalling the original Lyra Symposium in 1998. He talked about Lyra’s desire to come up with a “high fiber” conference, and thus in the beginning exclusively featuring analysts (and their accompanying analysis, of course), foregoing the "fluff" of thinly veiled commercials from company executives. They’ve wisely backed off the "all analysts" purist approach, as can be noted throughout my day’s worth of summaries, but the analyst presos are a key part of the Symposium. They’re just difficult to summarize in a few cryptic lines in a blog posting!

And for completeness, I'll mention the remainder of the Lyra staff's presentations on Day One. Larry Jamieson, who’s always relevant and provocative, presented on "Office Printing 2.0: Forecasting the Changing Roles of Workgroup"; Lloyd "Grey" Held and Cortney Kasuba, offered a commercial (er…I mean update) on the new Lyra service, "Balancing Forecasts with Real-World Print Data"; and Jiqiang Rong shared his analysis of selling printers and supplies in China, titled "An Olympic Feat: Selling in China".

Now off to toast Lyra’s 10th annual conference at this evening's reception!

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