Tuesday, January 23, 2007

LaserJet Series II Memories

One of my favorite bloggers, Robin Raskin, has reviewed printers for a long time, and in her recent post she waxes nostalgic about her first Laser Printer, the HP (NYSE HPQ) LaserJet Series II. (Robin's impressive, as she gets the syntax exactly right, after twenty years!) She claims to have paid over $2,600 for it which I believe was actually the final resting place for the price, as it started at $2,495 I am almost sure. (The 1987 introduction pre-dates the first edition of The Hard Copy Observer, the industry's ultimate authority on such matters, so fact-checking takes on a little more effort!)

She brings us up to the present describing her recent purchase of the Samsung CLP-510 color laser. The printer is apparently living up to expectations, but she does mention the fact that a full toner replacement (four cartridges) will add up to $250 versus the $230 she just paid for the complete printer, supplies included.

Robin also provides a concise user's view of the ink/laser comparison that we like to comment on from time to time.


Jim Lyons said...

Note on the price: the LJ Series II started on a market-busting $2495 but was raised, twice, to the final $2695. A rare moment in the high-tech world where a price was actually INCREASED during the product's active life.

Jim Lyons said...

See the LJ Series II here:

Stuart Woods said...

Well I have worked on diffrent laserjet models for nearly 8 years, i have found that ii, 4 / 5 family and the 4000 / 4050 / 4100 series in the mono laser series are better than the laser printers made today, i feel that the 4100 series were the last quality laserjet printers that acutally had quality in them I dont think much of the 4200 and 4300 i feel the way that machine is built is really flimsly and lack of screws and just clip on on the cause.

I have done nearly 45,000 copies in 3 years since buying my 4050N in 2005, it has over 260,000 copies on its page count and still going on strong.

my laserjet series ii which is my draft printer and letters printer is 20 years old and had done less than 100,000 copies. made in Jan 1988, pretty low use it had over its life.