Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kodak Inkjet confirmed for February 8th!

At today's final day of the Lyra Imaging Symposium, Kodak's anticipated February 8th inkjet announcement was confirmed at the beginning, middle, and end of the day-long sessions.

A Kodak speaker on commercial printing who preempted the question with an umprompted answer during his Q&A session in the morning's opening keynote, Henry Wilhelm (yes, that Wilhelm of photo testing fame) after lunch, and the day-ending Wall Street panelists who'd listened in on the early morning Eastman Kodak Company earnings conference call, all confirmed that February 8th will be the day of Kodak's long-awaited inkjet printer announcement.

It wasn't really necessary to attend the Symposium for this information, as other news sources covered it as well, but it was a lot more fun!

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Cameron said...

Kodak's launch site for these printers is
It has some humorous videos and some fun games.