Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Keeping the focus! More from Lyra...

The late afternoon at the Lyra Symposium is typically a time to fight off information overload and try to focus on a few key ideas, even when the mind and body aren’t always willing.

The recent Lyra tradition is to close with a lively panel of Wall Street analysts, which definitely helps keep the enthusiasm and attention alive.

Before today’s WS panel, two vendor presentations offered some of those nuggets I'm that I'm referencing.

Immediately after the afternoon break, Xerox’s David Bates returned from the morning’s panel on MFP’s with a pitch entitled "Extensible Interface Platform: Increasing Customization, Productivity, and Security" that reinforced the point about customizing printers and MFPs to conform to the enterprise’s document workflow, rather than forcing the workflow to conform to the hardware’s idiosyncrasies.

Right before the Wall Street horde, Stephen Nigro of HP and Grant Fletcher of Rastar Digital Marketing offered a tag-team presentation on the latter company’s use of the former’s products, in "From Postcards to Billboards: Commercial Printing Technologies at Rastar Digital Marketing". Nigro’s setup was concise and focused on two key strategic models employed by HP – one based on the traditional "paper pie" that continues to be used, and the other that equates characteristics of Internet content and printed matter on the same two dimensions. Fletcher, of Rastar, a Salt Lake City marketing and printing company, then detailed some of their industry-leading practices in application of digital marketing techniques.

The Wall Street panel, moderated by Ann Priede, included a great line-up of Wall Street analysts and covered everything from the razors-and-blades models, company innovations and acquisitions, and impending opportunities and threats facing the entire industry. Way more than we can get into via a blog posting! Hate to say it but you had to be here.

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