Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dude, you're getting a ...

One of the more dramatic moments in my years of attending the Lyra Imaging Symposium (eight out of ten by my count) came right after lunch today. And like all conferences, much of the best stuff comes outside the formal sessions!

As we dutiful conference attendees returned from our luncheon program a crowd of many of the leading Wall Street analysts that participate in the Symposium were gathered around a single laptop computer. Clearly something major was going on! The analysts were reading the "not surprising but still shocking" news about the CEO shuffle at Dell (Dell Inc), and preparing to report to their own constituencies on the developments.

Michael Dell is back in the CEO role, and in a bit of irony on this last day of the printing industry's major annual conference, printers WERE mentioned in at least some of the news articles about Dell's recent travails and resulting shake-up.

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