Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drinking from a fire hose!

Maybe it was all the "flow" discussion during Adobe Systems presentation that just concluded (hybrid document workflows in their case), but I couldn't get away from the cliche I've used as a title for my first Lyra sessions posting. We're halfway through the first half day (ie morning break) and I'm already overwhelmed. We've heard from Ann Priede, Managing Editor of The Hard Copy Observer, with "2006 In Review: A Lyra Salute to Very Important Products". She covered forecasts for the various printer and MFP categories, many of which can be put it in terms of a box office favorite from late 2006: "unit growth, very nice, revenue growth, not so much." She also mentioned some significant developments during the year, including HP's (NYSE HPQ) photo kiosks and Edgeline printing technologies, and Lenovo's printer consortium. In a presentation titled "On the Future of Digital Creativity", Frank Cost, Associate Dean, College of Imaging Arts and Sciences, Rochester Institute of Technology, and Codirector, RIT Printing Industry Center, and a self-confessed "book publishing monster", showed us his view of the future in the world of personal book publishing. Rick Brown, of Adobe Systems, with the aforementioned Keynote address: "Going with the Flow—Hybrid Document Workflows and the Format-Flexible Office". I'll fill in details as we go! Now back to the show!

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