Monday, December 11, 2006

Retro movement?

A couple of interesting references to marking technologies of the past caught my attention over the weekend. The first title, "Retro Printers, Grounding the LaserJet", sounds directly relevant to this blog's mission of reporting on the past and future of the printing industry, is from the weekend NY Times Art and Design Section. It describes a growing trend in interest in printing using OLD presses. The LaserJet reference in the headline turns out to be only a play on its name and the term "grounded". Still, nice to read about an interest in an old and disappearing craft.

The other parallel (?) piece in the news has to do with the Scottish elementary school emphasizing instruction in using fountain pens! Techdirt, as usual, covers this trend (?) "well" (poor pun intended).

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Jim Lyons said...

My buddy from Fort Boise Blog has a great retro piece from a few years back.

I love Tom's perspective in the last line of his post!