Thursday, December 14, 2006

Observations: Low-End Color Lasers—Build Them and They Will Come?


Jim Lyons said...

My agreement with Lyra is to post my column exactly as it appears in The Hard Copy Observer, so my reference to "this issue" of course refers to the "hard copy" "Hard Copy"!

And here are a couple of live links to PC and HP.

Shane Vaughan said...

Jim...having worked in this space in a prior life I can say that I can't agree more. Just like deskjets in the home, the novelty of color printers in the office will shortly wear off unless the manufacturers can find a true business application for them (ala photo printing in the home). Given they (printer manufacturers) have the most to gain from this, it will be their responsibility to bring together the hardware, software and services in a nice clean package for the businesses to create their marketing materials in-house. Without this concentrated effort of integration the "In-House Marketing" marketing effort will remain small and undeveloped.

Anonymous said...

that's a great article, i agree with pretty much all of it...although i don't really like hp's partner services, least of all stocklayouts...i much prefer PrintsMadeEasy for my printing needs