Monday, July 31, 2006

A Week Off

One of my management truisms learned over the years has to do planning for and enjoying vacations. Of course, we all, at least most of us, enjoy a week off. But one learns early on, too, that it's quite nice when the boss takes a week or two of vacation. Not that anything nefarious is going to happen, no cheating, stealing, or whatever, but just the little bit of freedom with the boss out can be a very enjoyable and pleasant change. However, after a few years, when one's career has advanced to include people management, we change. Yes, having the boss out can still be a minor joy, but more often than not, the real break is when those "reports" take some time off, for the same reasons as the old days -- a little more freedom, a time to work on some things that haven't been addressed for awhile, even a little more time to breathe!

So that's my management truism, or put another way -- "you know you're in management when you look forward more to your employees' vacations than your own!"

In this day and age, taking a week off from the blog is something too. Got to think about that!

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