Monday, July 31, 2006

LXK, XRX Results

While I was out, Lexmark (NYSE LXK) and Xerox (NYSE XRX) reported their quarterly results. Both companies, at least by rather narrow definitions, "beat the Street" in reporting numbers a better than analysts' expectations. Each of the quarterly summaries contained some interesting tidbits, with both companies reflecting current changes in the printing and imaging industry.

First Xerox, quoting from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Xerox revenue from color products and services grew 14 percent in the quarter, and now represent 34 percent of the company's revenue. Installations of the company's high-end production color machines grew 96 percent, Xerox said.

Color now represents 9 percent of pages printed on Xerox equipment, leaving plenty of room for additional growth, Mulcahy said.
Interesting ratio: 34 percent of revenue on 9 percent of the pages.

Next Lexmark, quoting from a well-done CRN summary:
A key factor was Lexmark's decision to place less emphasis on low-end, single-function inkjet printers earmarked for consumers at retail, since that product line had a low and declining margin. Also fueling Lexmark's earnings in the quarter was continued growth in its laser printer and all-in-one device businesses.
Lexmark reported sluggish OEM sales of printers and multifunction devices to other vendors. Dell has been Lexmark's largest OEM customer and last week warned Wall Street that its earnings wouldn't meet earlier guidance.
Interesting moves: shedding sales of low-end, single function printers (presumably intentionally) and OEM business (not quite as clear on intention).

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