Friday, June 09, 2006

Seems nothing makes news like a recall

After HP (NYSE: HPQ) made headlines last week with its Printing and Imaging event in the Bay Area (an example being "HP Rolls Out New Line of Digital Products" from, they might have anticipated a slow news week following. Well it was, kind of. At the corporate level, they did announce a big tax savings, and in the Printing and Imaging space, they disclosed an interesting acquisition of Swiss-based Silverwire. But, alas, most of the press interest seems to concern the announced recall of the R707 camera.

Significant from a Market Analysis point of view was the number of cameras involved, 679,000, quite a respectable total.

From an Information Analysis standpoint, a search of Google News, as of this morning, yields four hits (yes, 4) for "HP Printer Introductions", and "about 182" for "R707". Now given the vagaries of search terms I'm sure there are many more actual stories covering the HP announcements at the end of May, but it's interesting HOW MUCH coverage there's been on the recall. Is this the technical press's equivalent of the gawker delay?

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