Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Digital Photography Usability -- A Story With Everything?

Robin Raskin, of Yahoo!Tech, blogs about her experiences on yesterday's Today Show. A chimpanzee that had been trained to use a digital camera and photo printer was faced off against short-timer Katie Couric in a "shoot-off", with mixed results. Robin was the emcee, and writes about what can be learned from the less-than-totally-successful exhibition. But like I say, what story has more? All in one brief morning show snippet we've got Katie's final days doing this kind of thing (think she'll work with chimps on the CBS Evening News?), usability issues with today's high-tech gadgets (Robin's got some ideas), even video-on-demand over the Internet (I learned don't wait a day or Today's VOD is gone, at least everything after the show's first hour). And Katie, there's something Reagan-esque here!

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