Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on Lexmark's Wireless X6570 All-in-One

I wrote my November 2007 column, from a mostly user's perspective (see "Observations: Wi-Fi Printing -- Look Ma, No Cables"), exploring the emerging "standard" wireless interface on many of today's new printers. I used a Lexmark (NYSE LXK) Wireless X6570 All-in-One as my subject device, and found its printing capabilities to be more than satisfactory.

Since finishing the column, I've continued to use the Lexmark AIO, and recently found a post "Berlind's Testbed" blog from ZDNet's David Berlind on his experiences with the same all-in-one (see "HP, eat your heart out. At $150, Lexmark’s WiFi All-in-1 printer/copier/scanner/fax got my cash".) David's post contains an interesting account of his purchase of the Lexmark product, including receiving surprisingly knowledgeable help from his local Staples store. And like me, he found the Wi-Fi's biggest benefit to be location flexibility. (The basement-based Linux print server he replaced also rang true!)

Although I wasn't out to perform a full-scale review on the X6570, I still avoided reading other reviews before my own hands-on experiences with the products, in order to maintain my objectivity. After the fact though, it's good to see someone else's similar experiences. This includes my post-column work with some of the product's other functions, including successfully copying and scanning using the all-in-one's OCR capabilities. I recommend the Berlind post from earlier this month, including the up-to-now 24 comments, which (not surprisingly) run the gamut of pros and cons on everything from Wi-Fi itself to ink usage and color print quality.

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